Check out Synths on Plugin Boutique | Check out Plugin Deals | Links to the Best Synth VST Plugins below… 1. Phase Plant (kiloHearts) 2. Parallels (Softube) 3. Hive 2 (u-he) 4. Pigments 2 (Arturia) 5. Continua (Audio Damage) Looking for the best synth VST plugins for the modern age? All released in the last year or two, these synth VSTs are ready to rock with the latest in plugin technology advances. All are compatible with most mainstream DAWs, so if you’re looking for a modern synth plugin for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro or other software, these are some of the best synth plugins you can get. 5. Continua (Audio Damage) Virtual analog is one way to describe Continua, but it’s also got the best of digital technology available to it. You start with three of the basic analog waveshapes, but the things you can do to them with the morphing controls takes things to an interesting new place. That morphing also applies to Continua’s filters, meaning you can skew the frequency response over time. As for modulators, Continua has both normal envelope generators and draw-your-own generators too, and there are four LFOs in the mix to get things moving even more. With all this modulation power comes great modulation responsbility, as every single knob in this synth is a modulation destination. It’s available for about $99. 4. Pigments 2 (Arturia) Arturia may be used to emulating classic synths in their V Collection range, but with Pigments, and Pigments 2, they’ve taken on the task of making their own synth from scratch. Using synthesis modes and sample engines, you get the best of both worlds here, combining analog trio, wavetable, granular, sample and other oscillators into two generator slots. Arturia’s history in modelling vintage synths is also seen here. Pigments’ filter types are taken from their emulations of some classic instruments. Elsewhere, there’s advance arpeggiation and sequencing, all the expected modulation potential, and insert or send effects models to beef your sound up. The price? For you sir, €199. 3. Hive 2 (u-he) From the masters of analogue synth modelling comes a synth plugin for the digital world. Hive 2 keeps things relatively simple, but it still offers an insane amount of power. Two wavetable oscillators stretch up to 16-voice unison, and there’s a sub oscillator onboard to keep things solid. Of course, you’ve got the usual envelopes and LFO modulators as well. But what’s special about Hive is the way that it adds slightly more than any generic, mainstream synth: The modulation matrix also lets you modify curvature, rectification and slew rate; there’s an arpeggiator/sequencer with recording capabilities; there are two extra function generators to add cool extra modulation sources. Hive 2 also has seven effects, over 2000 presets, and four X/Y control pads. It’ll cost you about €150. 2. Parallels (Softube) Parallels is a vintage synth box like none we’ve ever seen before. Painstakingly put together using some of the finest and most interesting vintage synths around, letting you combine two sound sources from a choice of many deeply-sampled patches. Each sound source – or oscillator, if you like – is an evolving, 15-second sample that modulates as it moves; and you get to customise how each plays through this length, and blend the two together. There are a number of filter types, a low-pass gate shaper, and five modulator types that can get things moving even further, using LFOs, sequencers and more. If you’re looking for a sleak, snaky modulating synth patch, Parallels will have something that’s unlike anything you’ve got access to in your existing synth plugins collection. It’s €149. 1. Phase Plant (kiloHearts) Taking the kiloHearts Snapin concept to the next level, Phase Plant takes this developer’s building-block approach to production, and lets you house them all in a completely custom synth. Sound generators include analog-style oscillators, wavetable oscillators, sampling and noise oscillators, and others besides. You can stack these in any combination you want to start building your tone. Next come multiple lanes for adding effects, using the kiloHearts Snapins that come with your setup. Here, again, it’s really all up to you how far you go with adding modifiers that change the sound. You can modulate almost any oscillator at audio rate as well. Along the bottom, you get unlimited modulation, and to top things off, along the top side of the synth, you get eight macros to take control over multiple synth parameters at once. Phase Plant is available at various prices from €169 to just over €300. #TopSynths2020 #PluginBoutique #TopSynthPlugins2020

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