Best Cheap Black Friday Plugin Deals 2018 | Top 5-1

Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deals 2018 http://bit.ly/2S3jdAn
See What Is Popular On Plugin Boutique http://bit.ly/2S39v0I

In this video, producer Tim Cant gives us the rundown from 5-1 of the most popular Black Friday Deals on Plugin Boutique in 2018

5. Bass Master (Loopmasters) http://bit.ly/2znNsuI
4. Loopmasters Packs http://bit.ly/2zqGoO3
3. InstaChord / InstaScale (WA Production) http://bit.ly/2znNMtq
2. SoundSpot Plugins http://bit.ly/2zjpiSc
1. Neutron Elements (iZotope) http://bit.ly/2zozTex

5. Bass Master (Loopmasters) http://bit.ly/2znNsuI
It’s the mix-ready Bass Hound that makes it simple to get solid, heavy bass in any track. With over 200 sounds across its two oscillator layers, there are lots of combinations to get started with in Bass Master. And of course it doesn’t stop there, with 13 filter types that you can get moving with and LFO and envelope, and Distortion, Chorus and Reverb effects to take control over your sounds.

There’s also mod wheel macros, meaning you can assign any three parameters to be controlled together at the same time, and a Frequency Booster, which polishes your final signal.

Bass Master will be half price from the 22nd of November, but when the offer ends is still unknown.

4. Loopmasters Packs http://bit.ly/2zqGoO3
Loopmasters spring up again, but this time it’s for their top-quality sample packs, which have provided fodder for some of the world’s most prominent artists.

Until the 2nd of December, there’s up to 70% of Loopmasters sample packs, and up to a whopping 85% off bundles, so it’s high time to get yourself down to Loopmasters.com to grab genre packs, artist packs and inspirational sound kits. Go and dig some virtual crates!

3. InstaChord / InstaScale (WA Production) http://bit.ly/2znNMtq
WA Production’s InstaChord and InstaScale are both MIDI plugins that will have you playing in perfect pitch right away.

InstaChord gives you keyboard control over chord types and single notes, letting you switch between chords that go together with one octave, and play them using different articulation types in another octave.

InstaScale, meanwhile, gives you a completely different way to play in-key, and can make your amateur hand-flailing sound like a savant-ish high-class performance.

Both InstaScale and InstaChord are marked down from $59.99 to $9.99 from the 21st of November to the 9th of December, so this is the chance you’ve been waiting for to solve your theory problems.

2. SoundSpot Plugins http://bit.ly/2zjpiSc
SoundSpot have a range of plugins to solve everyday production problems quickly and easily, and sound great while doing it.

There’s Paradox, the push-pull EQ and variable-RMS compressor; FireFly, the bus compressor with added glue; Axis Multiband, the mastering processor with compression and stereo across four bands; and many more plugins in for grabs for cheap this Black Friday and beyond.

From the 15th of November, certain SoundSpot plugins are discounted by up to 99%, meaning that some will set you back just one pound, dollar or euro – otherwise known as: Crazy Money!

1. Neutron Elements (iZotope) http://bit.ly/2zozTex
iZotope’s Neutron plugin is a complete solution for mixing, using iZotope’s high-end algorithms in a channel strip formation, and baking in artificial intelligence to help you find starting points for your next mix.

While there are Standard and Advanced versions of Neutron 2 available, it’s the Elements version we’re talking about here, which gives you a taste of Neutron’s processing power and its computer-aided mixing advice.

Neutron Elements is free with any plugin purchase on Plugin Boutique until 30th November, which is exactly why it takes our Number One slot – grab any of the discounted plugins in our top ten, and you also get a copy of this one-stop mixing package, meaning that Artificial Intelligence is now a no-brainer.


Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deals 2018 http://bit.ly/2S3jdAn
See What Is Popular On Plugin Boutique http://bit.ly/2S39v0I

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