Dj Mixtape Mastering

Price = € 50 (excluding V.A.T.)

How to Order DJ Mixtape Mastering

We can make it even make it better and make it sound more consistent.

The maximum length for a mixtape is around 60 minutes.

  • Upload your track with the form below.
  • You will receive the payment information for paypal
  • After i received the payment, I’ll start will schedule the mastering
  • I’ll start with the mastering of your mixtape(s)
  • You will receive a download link with the mastered Mixtape

The Mastering Portfolio

The mastering Portfolio gives a global overview about the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) tracks and styles we have mastered in the past.
This portfolio does not contain the high-quality masters produced by us, because most of the previews you can listen online are soundcloud and beatport streams.
The mastering portfolio is also a place for producers to get more exposure on there mastered tracks by AudiobyRay.
If you did get your track mastered by us and like to have it in the mastering portfolio for extra exposure, let us know.

20% off