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Modular Sound Explorations w. Kabuki – Ep. 4/6 – Polyphonic Textures

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✮ Jan Hennig, a.k.a. Kabuki, is a veteran of the German Jungle/Bass/Hip-hop scene. A producer, DJ, and modular synth fanatic going back more than 20 years; who could be better to lead this series of explorations into the capabilities of our virtual Eurorack platform, Modular?

In episode 4 of 6, Kabuki uses shift registers to build a polyphonic sound world. Multiple oscillators each draw on the same quantized pitch information, but fed through different sequentially triggered sample and hold modules. The result is a hypnotic, mutli-voice polyphonic texture.

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Most importantly of all, enjoy, and happy patching! ✮

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