Zenhiser brings you this new library called Extreme D&B Drum Hits

Extreme D&B Drum Hits

We’re really proud of how these drum hits turned out, clocking in at 357 complex d&b drum sounds means you’re beats will be fresh for months to come. Each dedicated folder within the Zenhiser pack covers a broad tonal range from the subtle through to heavily processed monsters but with every drum sound still ensuring maximum impact within your tracks. So if you’re looking for precise drum hits to add complexity to your productions then these are the Drum & Bass drum hits for you.Get ready to shatter your ear drums and rattle your skull, because Zenhiser’s back with most cone tearing Drum & Bass drum-hits. In stark contrast to the clean drum sounds of recent, these drum hits push dirty boundaries to a new level. “Extreme D&B Drum Hits” have been designed to deliver new expression to your DnB tracks, loaded with dark kicks, vital hats, heavy weight snares, and excessive cymbals, this truly unique range of ground-breaking drum sounds is what you need.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Sound Archives

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Please Note: The preview contains basslines for illustrative purposes only

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Drums

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Extreme D&B Drum Hits