Loopmasters brings you this new library called Synth Explorer Machinedrum SPS1

Synth Explorer Machinedrum SPS1

Spanning over 1 GB worth of one-shots, loops, sampler patches and Rex2 files, Machinedrum will serve as a comprehensive selection of the sounds from one of the finest drum machines ever built. Discover house & techno drum loops, hip-hop top loops, DnB drums, analogue FX, claps, snares, kicks, toms and much much more! If you’re looking for precise and shimmering drum hits & beats, you need look no further.Loopmasters are proud to unveil Synth Explorer: Machinedrum SPS1, a calculated collection of Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 drum shots and beats, programmed and processed for maximum weight, transience and punch. Loaded with 1Gb of synthesised one shots and loops honouring the now retired Swedish digital drum machine master.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Drums
Polyphony – 16 voices (each voice is a single drum sound)
If you are producing Drums, here you can find also more Drums presets and/or sample packs

Elektron Machinedrum Sps-1 specs:

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Synth Explorer
LFO – 16 (2 per voice); dual-waveforms assignable to various destinations

Oscillators – Sample Playback and Synthesis; 39 drum sounds via 4 synthesizers: TRX (12 instruments), EFM (8 instruments), E12 (16 instruments), and PI (6 instruments).

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Effects – 4 Master Effects: Rhythm Echo reverb/echo, Gate Box reverb, 3-band EQ, Dynamix compressor. Each drum sound has 2 independent echo and reverb Sends.
Instrument effects: Amplitude Modulation, 1-band EQ, Sample-rate Reduction, Distortion.

Filter – 1 Multi-mode resonant filter per voice 24 dB/oct (4-pole)

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Synth Explorer Machinedrum SPS1