Frontline Producer brings you this new library called Studio Acoustics – Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms

Studio Acoustics - Guitar Riffs N' Rhythms

This time we took a selection of beautifully crafted guitars from Patrick James Eggle and Gibson, combined them with some massively talented players and locked them in our sound proof bunker for 7 days and nights.Frontline Producer Presents our Studio Acoustics –Guitar Riffs and Rhythms. A Brand new selection of beautifully recorded acoustic guitar loops and patches that are tune ready for producers worldwide.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Guitars
The detail in the mid is fantastic and if for some insane reason, you do want to EQ these beauties, as they’ve been recorded with ribbon mics, they’ll accept eq wonderfully.
If you are producing Guitars, here you can find also more Guitars presets and/or sample packs

Courtesy of some great playing, fantastic kit and our usual attention to detail, the quality of these samples is second to none.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Downtempo, Rock, and Instruments
Take a hand built Patrick Eggle or limited edition US Gibson J45, set them up in front of a pair of Rupert Neves’ RNR1s (these are fast becoming one of our favourite mics) and then run them into a pair of Portico IIs and you really do have a very special guitar sound.

What we ended with is an ear inspiring collection of song starters, riffs and rhythmic parts that you can build a tune around or just choose a line to slot into your production.

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These guitars, quite simply sound amazing.

There are other ways to record acoustic guitars but we just wouldn’t consider it.

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Studio Acoustics – Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms