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Developer Davide Carbone walks through all the updates found in Scaler 1.7

Plugin Boutique Scaler 1.7 introduces several new user-requested features and enhancements

Scaler 1.7 introduces several new user-requested features, enhancements and bug fixes.
There are 30 new Blues, Latin and Bossa Nova chord sets and over one hundred new scales including all the modes of the melodic and harmonic minor scales. You can now re-detect from the chord builder and you can preview chord sets with one click or copy all chord sets to the builder with one click. Scaler 1.7 also includes 5 new Bass tunings for the Fretboard and quickly allows for chord expansion by adding 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th to entire chord sets.

A full list of features, enhancements and bug fixes below:

Scaler 1.7
– 30 New Chord Sets – Blues, Latin & Bossa Nova
– 5 New Bass Tunings – Fretboard now supports bass tunings with 4,5 and 6 strings.
– Over one hundred new chord sets including all the modes of the harmonic and melodic minor scales.
– Re-Detect from builder – Find which scale fits your progression anytime in your creative process.
– Preview chord sets – Play through any progression preset in one click.
– Copy-to-Builder – Move all chords from a progression directly into the builder for faster editing.
– Diatonic chords improvements – Quickly navigate between triads, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th chords of any scale.
– Improved chord naming – More chord definitions and simplification of existing chord names for improved readability.
– Small screen support – Allow smaller UI resizing to support smaller screens and resolutions.
– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Check Out Scaler at Plugin Boutique
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