Check out Bassynth | Check out Plugin Deals | Access 4 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | In this video, Joshua Casper shows you Bassynth in action in 5 different projects. 00:00 Introduction 01:20 Project 1 (Chill out) 02:10 Project 2 (D&B 1) 05:18 Project 3 (D&B 2) 06:18 Project 4 (D&B 3) 08:06 Project 5 (Dark Bass) 09:18 Bassynth (More Info) Imagine having instant access to the most revered Bass instruments in existence; Filthy analogue mono synths, the grittiest modular systems and polysynths. Imagine epic live brass sections, designed bass guitars and heavily processed acoustic instruments… How about the deepest 808s & subs, wavetables and the most diverse collection of oscillators and creative sound design ever committed to tape? Imagine being able to morph, transform and combine any of these sources into new, ground-breaking hybrid patches, inside a single intuitive instrument… Features Available in Standalone, VST, AU and AAX formats. Bassynth is powered by FREE Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. The full version of Kontakt is NOT required Forward-thinking, truly modern Bass Engine powered by a ground-breaking library of 800+ multi-sampled sound sources, oscillators, Foley & wavetables 290 beautifully crafted, forward-thinking presets covering all modern genres Advanced Sound Design Engine for creating and layering ground-breaking, expressive bass patches and beyond Filters, modulation, FX and all sound design parameters available per Voice 8 voices of Unison per Layer, with detune, stereo spread and wet/dry control Blend and morph up to 64 parameters simultaneously with just a single knob turn using the impressive X+Y Pad Dynamic sound source and preset browsers, with tagging and favourites Wavetable engine with over 200 scannable wavetables and 14 warp modes Powerful drag+drop Macros for performance and creative sound design Expressive 32-step Motion Designer with unique, per lane length and rate Polyrhythmic parameter Sequencing for evolving and complex modulation Round Robins – Up to 8 round robins per sound source Mono, legato and poly Voice modes, with glide Creative Analog Slop controls simulate the random behaviour and character inherent of analogue instruments. Available per Voice World class effects – Choose from over 40 FX and load up to 6 of them per individual Voice, on the master or via sends Host automation for important parameters and Macros, plus MIDI CC control over any other parameter NKS Ready – Total integration with Komplete keyboards and Maschine Dedicated visual Mixer with individual volume control, pan, effects sends and stereo width for each Voice Supports Mac OS X 10.12 (or higher) and Windows 7 (or higher) Runs in Kontakt Free Player or Kontakt version 6.1 11GB in size after unpacking

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