The Sound Of: Talos (Drums Synths Chords and Arrangement)

“The Sound Of” series continues after a while away. Let me know which songs I should put on the list for next time :)

In this video I deconstruct 2 songs from Talos, an Irish musician who has been making waves in the ambient electronic music scene in the last few years. I show the guitar processing, chords, melodies and sound design including the drum programming and mixing.

For clarification – This is my rendition of the song and not the original, I did not create or mix the original song in any way but I did isolate the vocal stem from the original after purchasing the songs to play along with my backing track. Hopefully this is okay and everyone understands this is for education purposes :)

The ads on this video are going to Talos via WMG.
I make no money from this and I am more than happy with that because I get to share some cool samples and sounds with you :)

Download the Samples and SERUM presets here :

Check out Talos on Spotify :

With thanks to DECAP for some of the samples :


0:50 – What we will be creating
3:05 – “In Time” breakdown
5:15 – Guitar Tone and Chords
8:00 – Guitar Processing
12:25 – Pads and Atmospheres on SERUM
14:20 – Sub Bass
16:00 – Chorus Breakdown
17:15 – Drums
18:05 – Synth Layering

20:35 – Playing the chords on Piano – Chord inversions and voicing

“See Me”

24:10 – Overview
25:00 – Drums (Filtering and energy – keeping the groove)
31:20 – Bass line and Chords
34:00 – Synth Layers Chorus
34:50 – Piano velocity trick

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