12 Essential FL Studio Tips

In this video I share 12 essential tips for FL Studio beginners which I wish I knew when I started.
Some of them are some quick tips, others are common “mistakes” I see people make, hopefully, this video makes your production and workflow just a little bit easier :)

Time Stamps –
0:30 – MIDI Recording for Organic Playing
2:45 – Channel Volume vs Fader Gain
4:20 – Instant Sample Chopping
6:00 – Copying All Automation Points
7:00 – How to ACTUALLY Delete an Automation Clip
8:05 – Backups and Project Folders – Seriously Underrated
9:50 – Making Unique Patterns, Clips and Audio
11:00 – Searching For Samples Faster
12:20 – How To Keep Plugins On Top
13:20 – Cut Itself Feature
14:25 – Detached Hint Bar
15:20 – Fast Mixer EQ


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