Massive New FL Studio Update – 205 Overview

FL Studio 20.5 is out now!

It’s a free update that has finally released FLEX – The powerful new synth for Image Line along with a whole range of other useful features such as advanced plugin processor monitoring!

Free upgrade for FL Studio users:
Full FLEX overview and Sound Demo:
Template Video:

More updates:

-Fruity Blood Overdrive is now a 64 Bit native plugin and has a vectorial GUI
-Wave Traveller has an updated vectorial GUI
-Fruity Scratcher has an updated vectorial GUI
-Zgame Visualiser updates

-FL Studio Performance monitor tool added
-Patcher performance monitor tool added
-In general settings, you can now change the default project templates
-Maximum number of backups increased
-WaveShaper has had audio quality upgrades

-New presets have been added:
-Harmless has a library from Olbaid of 120 presets
-Sytrus has a library from Olbaid of 151 presets

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