Transient Processing – Everything You Need To Know

Transient Processing is a very easy and powerful technique that is often overlooked. It’s very simple but can be a better option than compression for many situations.
In this video I share a few ways I like to use it in mixes and sound design (mainly drum design) and also show the FL Studio Transient Processor in detail.

▶Free Transient Processors
Bitter Sweet –
Couture –

▶Time Stamps
0:48 – What is a Transient? What is a Transient Processor?
2:00 – Kick Drum Processing / Basic Processing
4:08 – Advanced Processing – Adding Ambiance
5:40 – Drum Bus Mixing
6:28 – Tom Mixing/Drum Tuning
7:30 – Cleaning up tracks/Removing Noise
9:00 – FL Studio Transient Processor

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