How To Promote Your Music w musicbyLUKAS + Giveaway

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In this video Brad and I talk to Lukas and Lauren of TEAM MBL.
We welcomed them into our studio, checked out some amazing unreleased music and talked about music promotion!

We decided to film a video detailing some great ways to get your music promoted, signed and supported by labels or DJs.
It’s all about how to get YOUR music out into the world and heard!
It’s a topic that we have learned a lot about with their help and we wanted to share their knowledge with you too.

The topics discussed include :

1)How to improve your music by getting feedback from the right places

2)How to gain the support of the right DJs and producers

3)Where to submit your demos / tracks and how to write emails to labels

4)Mistakes and how to avoid them – don’t sign your music away without knowing whats involved!

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