FabFilter Pro Mastering Template For Ableton Live

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As many of us know, the volume of the track is very important in the music industry. The track that sounds louder will always be more noticeable on the background of those tracks that sound quieter. Therefore mastering is the most important element in the final processing and releasing on the label.

We have developed the best mastering template for you to get high RMS output, which you can use for many genres: Trance, Progressive, EDM, House, Pop, Trap. You can make any changes, customize it for yourself or use this template with our settings, getting an excellent result.

This mastering template is developed on the basis of popular FabFilter plugins. They are designed for both mixing and mastering. Therefore, when using this template, you will not need other plug-ins.

Using our templates, samples, you can create music with high quality in a short time. All our products are developed by professional sound producers, taking into account the latest trends in the electronic music industry, so that you can achieve the best results in your creative work.

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