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Parallax is a new sample pack by sound designers Ivo Ivanov and Alex Retsis, featuring over 1300 raw sound effects inspired by old school video games and vintage computer technology. Designed primarily with electronic musicians and sound designers in mind, Parallax is organized in various focused categories including CHIP, BENT, DATA, MODULAR, NOISEKIT, SFX and more. This highly specialized pack invites you to explore an action packed soundscape, bursting with rad digital oddities.

Parallax was designed with a plethora of unconventional tools including vintage video game chips, noise kits, modular synths, circuit-bent hardware instruments and custom computer apps. We have carefully left every sample completely raw, leaving it up to you how to further process and adapt these effects to your projects. Whether you are working on an electronic track that needs a lofi edge or designing an indie game, Parallax will deliver a dose of pure fun and sonic nostalgia.


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