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EchoThief Inspired

content 1 design - Picante

This plugin is a direct collaboration with Dr Chris Warren (aka Superhoax); who is also the genius behind Echothief, the library of impulse responses we use for our modeling reverb of the same name. The plugin is adapted from his Picante MaxForLive patch.

Soft Saturation

content 2 picante  150x150 - Picante

Picante works as a tone shaper, graphic EQ, and light distortion. It can be made to add grit or a soft fuzz. The full range EQ gives you precise control even as the limiters introduce a nuanced amount of nonlinearities for tonal depth.

Light, Sweet, Crude

content 3 crude - Picante

We use a unique combination of limiters and saturation to obtain a light push overdrive that is perfect for bring out the grit in horns and vocals, or used more aggressively it can be used to push a tone to be hard but not heavily distorted.

Q Power

content 4 fft - Picante

The inclusion of variable Q gives another dimension of control as you can push the sounds resonance toward ringing. This lets you use this plugin as an effect for otherworldly sounds, shaping a saxophone into a thick tinny sound and then morphing into a ringing percussive blast.

System Requirements


  • Mac OSX 10.7+
  • 32/64
  • VST
  • AU
  • AAX
  • VST3


  • Win 7+
  • 64 bit only
  • VST
  • VST3


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