My Home Studio Tour – 2018

In this video I give a tour of my home studio showing whats changed over the last year. It’s amazing to see the improvement in quality and vibe in the studio since the first video.

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All of the equipment is listed on my website with more information and places to buy them.

0:55 – Outside the building
1:38 – Cost breakdown
3:05 – Overview
3:25 – Acoustic Treatment (video)
4:30 – New recording area
5:00 – Studio Desk/Workstation
6:30 – PLANTS (and other calm stuff)
7:30 – Staying healthy in the studio
8:40 – Staying organised
8:56 – Overhead Camera Rig (Video)
9:30 – More Plants/Keyboards
9:52 – My Microphones!! (And camera gear)

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