Simple Delay Tricks To Add Movement and Rhythm To Your Mix

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Today I’m showing a few simple delay tricks that can help make your synths sound a little more exciting and make a mix bounce and move a little more! I’m demonstrating the two techniques I used in Miavono’s new single “Right Here”.

These delay tricks are designed to add or enhance the Rhythm of a sound. Often delays are used to add space and width.
Both of these techniques work with MIDI and Audio :)

In this case, two delay techniques are applied to the main synth.
The first is a 1/8th note delay (on fruity delay 3 that is 2/16 =1/8) which stresses the rhythm and bounce of the synth. It helps the listener move with the track and feel the timing more easily, as if a drummer is keeping time with a hi hat.

The second is a “spot delay” technique where you use automation to pick where the delay is active. This changes the feel of the transition dramatically and I felt it was what was needed in this case. Even if it’s not for a transition, automating delays is something I do often, usually when delays are cluttered on leads it can be good to delay on the last few notes but It really depends what the delay is trying to do in the track. Don’t be afraid of automation, it’s one of your best friends and it’s there to help you make awesome music :)

When adjusting the parameters, it’s good to do it in the context of a whole mix.
If you want to learn how to use automation in FL Studio, Check out my beginners automation video here :)

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