How To Turn Your Loop Into A Song – Inspiration and Production

Today I show how you can take a simple idea with some potential into a bigger concept and eventually a song by trying a few simple production techniques, arrangement ideas and creativity hacks.

The song used in this video is “Nothing To Lose” by Miavono (Brad and I)
You can hear it here on YouTube –
And you can hear it on Spotify Here –

This video shows the demo project at the point before we transposed it down, started the lyrical ideas and recorded the guitar and cello. I show how it progressed from a simple 4/8 bar loop into an idea that could be expanded on with vocals. Sometime a song can take a few sessions to get to this point and at other times it takes only a few minutes. In this case, I spent a morning making this basic concept however the final project took many more weeks of sessions to fully develop once Brad had written the lyrics and main melody. Don’t be worried if it takes a few sessions, weeks or months for a concept to come to life – often the best things in life take time :)

The Clint Mansell Song I reference is here –

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