iZotope Ozone 9 Review – New Mastering Plugin

Ozone 9 was released today with a bunch of new features, is it worth the upgrade from Ozone 8?

In this video, I share my initial thoughts on iZotope Ozone 9 after testing it out.
I tested the CPU efficiency, looked at the new GUI and checked out the new modules – ‘Low-End Focus’ and ‘Master Rebalance’.
I also discuss many of the new features and how I think they could be used along with my hopes for the future :)

Time Stamps:
0:40 – Overview
1:40 – Efficiency Improvements
2:35 – GUI Updates
3:50 – Workflow Tools
4:40 – Master Rebalance – A truly interesting new module
7:20 – Low-End Focus
9:20 – Master Assistant Update
10:25 – AI Discussion
10:50 – Tonal Balance 2!!! (My favourite plugin)

The song being used is a remix of “Conditions” by The Workday Release and Solo Ray

CPU test
I tested using the same mastering chain with both versions in FL and Studio One.
Both times Ozone 8 averaged 33% and 30% CPU usage respectively.
Whereas Ozone 9 averaged 26% and 22% CPU usage.
I checked the CPU usage on my task manager to ensure it was accurate.
This is an improvement of around 20-25% on my system – Not a scientific test, but a real-world test!

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