FL Studio FIRE by AKAI Unboxing and Review (First Look)

In this video I unbox and review the new Akai Fire controller – The first hardware controller for FL Studio.
The product has launched worldwide today and I am so proud to have been the face of the product and to be featured in the official tutorial series on Akai Professional.

It’s the first hardware controller for FL Studio with seamless midi integration with the channel rack, mixer, browser, keyboard and performance mode. The FL Studio Akai Fire give you hands on control of FL Studio for the first time ever. I show through the main modes and give a quick demo of what it can do.

▶Get Akai Fire Here – Amazon USA – https://amzn.to/2DAGMhE

▶AKAI FIRE Complete Overview – https://youtu.be/zeYIZQ2grq0

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