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What’s up everybody, Joshua Casper back at you with Plugin Boutique, here to introduce you to a brand new fx plugin from W.A. Production called Screamo. This unique effect lets you add subtle to extreme resonant filtering and distortion to your tracks Rhythmically.

It has a simple to use interface with 6 main parameters to give you a ton of control of the final sound. In this video we’re going to check out what it can do and talk about what each of the parameters does to the sound.

It’s all coming up, so let’s get into it.

Alright, so as I said, we’re checking out Screamo today and before we jump into a few audio examples, I highly suggest you take a second to subscribe and hit the bell notification to stay up-to-date on everything in the world of plugins.

Ok? Did it? Good.

So, before we jump into the details lets hear what Screamo can do.

Ok. So, let’s run through these parameters. First, the Screamo logo is the bypass button and is the best way to A/B test as it’s click free.

The Smear parameter adds two resonant shelving filters with modulated frequency, gain and resonance to create a talk box kind of screaming effect. This parameter is modulated with the sync section at the bottom of the plugin.

There are 3 Smear style effects which can be cycled through here. The 3 styles are driving the filters from mid to low, mid to high, or from mid to both sides.

To the right of that, is the Drive parameter. This adds a blend of different distortion types to the sound, from subtle saturation to extreme drive. This is also modulated by the sync section below. You can switch through the distortion types with this button here. There are 3 types that are increasingly aggressive.

The Makeup parameter lets you compensate for the volume increase created by the Smear and Drive features. This is also modulated with the sync section below and the makeup gain moves in sync with the Smear and Drive effect, and also allows for volume automation.

The sync section has shape speed and smooth parameters. This section can be bypassed completely to allow you to full hear the character of the Smear and Drive parameters.

There are 5 shapes to choose from and using this circle at the top you can designate the started position on the LFO. When the circle is empty the LFO will start at 0 degrees, then 90 and so on…

The Speed parameter is pretty straight forward and is broken down on basic divisions of a bar. You also have a Feel control to choose the timing in straight, triplets or dotted.

Smooth allows you to smooth out the edges of the LFO to remove any unwanted clicking or popping that might occur.

And, of course, a final gain stage.

And, that’s it. A simple to use, but extremely unique audio effect that needs a home in your toolbox!

Screamo by W.A. productions it is available now on Plugin

I’m Joshua Casper. I hope you’ve learned something, and I’ll see you in the next video.


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