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First of all, O8N2 in the O8N2 Bundle by iZotope stands for Ozone 8 Advanced and Neutron 2 Advanced!

If you grab this bundle, you will have all you need for professional level mixing and mastering.

Let’s break it down, starting with Neutron 2 Advanced.
This is a one-stop mixing powerhouse with all kinds of new goodies to go along with it.

Achieve unprecedented focus and clarity in your mixes with Neutron which combines the latest innovations in analysis and metering with award-winning audio processing.

Of course, we can’t start talking about Neutron without talking about the updated and improved Track Assistant which creates a custom and specific starting point after listening to and analyzing your audio using machine learning algorithms.

There is also the all new masking meter feature, which uses inter plugin communication to identify and mark perceptual frequency collisions. Now, the fun doesn’t stop there. You also have access to the EQ on both the current audio channel and the other audio channel, making work flow… and life… so much easier when trying to fix these issues.

Neutrino has been updated and improved.

There are now 5 modules; a 12 band EQ with sidechain functionality and a new analog-style soft saturation option for an even warmer sound, 2 3-band compressors, a gate, exciter and transient shaper. Of course, in Neutron 2 Advanced you can drag and drop the modules to change the signal path or just use any of the modules as individual plugins.

There is a limiter built into the Mothership, over 500 presets and a ton more I don’t have time to cover right now because we need to jump into Ozone 8 Advanced.

As the industry’s most comprehensive mastering suite, Ozone 8 introduced new intelligent signal processing, spectral shaping, Tonal Balance Control, and more. That brings the grand total to twelve essential mastering processors.

Now, the list of what’s inside Ozone 8 Advanced deserves its own university level course, but some of the highlights include, the Mastering Assistant which listens to and analyzes your audio to create a custom preset by using advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

The new Tonal Balance Control plug-in introduces industry-first visual analysis and communicates with all instances of Ozone, so you can shape a perfectly balanced master. Instantly call up any Ozone Equalizers and adjust the filters to hit targets that were created based on the analysis of tens of thousands of professional masters. Or, alternatively, you can even create your own custom targets from one or more songs in your personal library.

The Tonal Balance Control plug-in not only communicates with the Ozone 8 Equalizer and Post EQ modules, but Neutron 2 EQ modules as well. This inter-plugin communication lets you fix mix issues during mastering and helps bridge the mixing and mastering gap. No more context switching or opening multiple windows—just tonally balanced, professional sounding music.

With Ozone 8 Advanced not only do you get all the modern modules at your finger-tips, like the new spectral shaper, dynamic compressor and EQ, and the maximizer, you also get the vintage modules as well for that more colorful, rich and warm style mastering. You can use them all in the mothership or launch them as individual plugins as well.

It really is safe to say, O8N2 is all you really need to get the perfect mix and masters!

We have done a number of more in-depth covering of these plugins and I’ll leave links to them in the video’s description if you want to see more.

Anyway, I’m Joshua Casper here for plugin boutique, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with everything in the world of plugins, and I’ll see you in the next video.

Ozone 8 Advanced Mastering & Neutron 2 Advanced Mixing VST Plugins



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