Pro-L 2 by FabFilter is available today on Plugin Boutique ( and at FabFilter ( Pro-L 2 is packed with new features and in the following video we wanted to review our top 5 favourite new features. 1. The limiting style algorithms have doubled from 4 to 8. Including the new default style title called modern which is best for all situations. There is also aggressive which is great for transient heavy music like EDM, Bus which is useful in stem mastering in conjunction with the new sidechaining feature, and final Safe whose goal isn’t loudness buy being distortion free at all times. 2. Over to the right side of Pro L 2 you will see the new Loudness meter. This meter uses the more modern LUFS system, however, the K-Scale standards from Pro L 1 have been carried over. We have 4 built in targets including -9 LUFS for CD mastering, -14 LUFS for streaming mastering, and two more targets for broadcast standards. Switching the time scale at the bottom of the meter from momentary to short-term will give you an average enabling you to hit your targets easier. 3. Inter Sample Peak, or ISP, metering has been changed to the more modern True Peak Metering. On top of that, Pro L 2 now has True Peak Limiting which will catch any ISPs that might be caused by the future digital to analog conversion making sure your master will never experience clipping while being converted. While we are on the subject of ISPs, oversampling went for a measly 4x in Pro L 1 to the jaw-dropping 32x. This is incredibly CPU intensive, but we now have options for 8 and 16x as well. 4. There are now 4 output options including DC offset filtering, sidechaining, and my last two favourite additions to the Pro L series. The unity gain button causes relative gain matching at the flip of the switch. This scales the limited signal’s output to match that of the source material allowing you to focus on the changes in the audio from the limiting process while bypassing Pro L 2. 5. The Audition Limiting button. This allows you to solo the actual gain reduction signal being applied to the audio. This is an incredibly useful feature when deciding on the limiting style, how much to tweak the advanced parameters, and, of course, how limiting should be applied overall. Pro-L 2 is top-of-the-line when it comes to limiting. In the next video, we are going to cover all of these new features in-depth as well as all the others that were not mentioned here. Pro-L2 by Fabfilter is available today on For more information and pricing, and to download your trial version today visit:

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