Check out Plugin Deals | Check out Reverb Plugins | In this video, producer Tim Cant gives us the rundown of some of the most popular Reverb VST plugins you’ll be able to find on Plugin Boutique in 2019 1. Eos 2 (Audio Damage) | 2. Twangstrom (u-he) | 3. Fog Convolver (AudioThing) | 4. 2445 EMT (PSP Audioware) | 5. Pro-R (FabFilter) | 5. Pro-R (FabFilter) Masters of mixing plugins FabFilter had to turn up at some point during this round-up, and here they are now. Pro-R takes the Dutch company’s straightforward interface design and applies it to great-sounding reverb algorithms. The massive knob in the middle determines the type of space emulated, from small booths to cliche cathedrals, while the reverb impression is controlled by Brightness, Character and Distance knobs, and the tail properties by Decay Rate and Stereo Width dials. But the elephant in the room is that spectral readout. Pro-R gives you a whole double EQ-style display, with the blue line adapting the decay time across the frequency spectrum, and the yellow line acting as an output EQ. It’s the ultimate in control over your reverb’s response – that is, if you can pay the £150 price of entry. 4. 2445 EMT (PSP Audioware) There are many types of reverb, and we’ll cover a good few in this video, but early digital reverb hardware units give among the most sought-after classic sounds. Reverb was one of the first effects to go digital, probably because the inherent delay in early digital systems doesn’t matter as much when you’re using an effect that’s built to delay the sound anyway. This plugin from PSP emulates two such reverbs – the EMT 244 and EMT 245 – nailing down the original sounds of those studio reverbs and even improving on the controls you have available to you. You get Input Level, PreDelay, an early Reflections control plus a time constant, timing switches for both low and high frequencies, and the whole plugin is switchable between 244 and 245 modes, to change the specific unit you’re emulating at any given time. Early digital reverb in a pinch, for Mac and PC. 3. Fog Convolver (AudioThing) Another type of reverb is convolution. Instead of building a reverb profile through algorithms alone, a convolution processor loads a small sample called an impulse response, and derives a reverb profile from it. It’s possible to create your own impulse responses or find them online to load them in Fog Convolver – and you’re not just limited to reverb, either, as convolution can work for distortion and emulating classic gear. There are plenty of convolution reverbs out there, but what’s different about Fog Convolver? This particular one lets you load separate IRs for left and right channels; comes with over 250 impulse responses for reverb, classic gear and speakers; and lets you customise the loaded IRs with Start and End times, Pitch control, fades, filtering and more. 2. Twangstrom (u-he) What reverb round-up could be complete without a mention of the helical hero? Spring reverb was a simple – and especially characterful – way of creating early reverb effects, achieved by sending the signal through actual springs that could be installed as part of a guitar amp. u-he’s hardware modelling talents are turned to this classic guitar-based effect, and the result is Twangstrom. With its three modelled reverb ‘tanks’, taken from some well-loved springs, this plugin pulls off a range of classic spring reverb tones, adding Tone and Drive stages, filtering and enveloping, eight LFO waveforms, and of course the all-important controls over spring behaviour such as Density, Tension and Decay. 1. Eos 2 (Audio Damage) Eos is an algorithmic reverb plugin – no special tricks or leftfield ideas there. But with four great-sounding reverb algorithms, and importantly, a comparatively tiny price tag, Eos 2 is one reverb that everyone should have in their plugins folder. It’s also available for iOS, if you swing that way. For controls, you get PreDelay, Modulation Rate and Depth and Diffusion, and added to the all-important Decay, Size and Mix controls are Attack time to tweak the reverb’s onset, low- and high-pass filtering, and crossover filtering. Again, no special tricks, but Eos 2 is a hugely solid plugin that’s well thought through, well-priced for those on a budget, and most importantly, sounds great. #BestReverb #Top5Friday #Top5Reverbs

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