hi my name is Mike Beasley and I’m the
founder of sound iron
we’re here at NAMM 2020 to show off some
of our new instruments and I’m here with
plugin boutique to talk about where
we’re from what we are about and we have
to show you we started in 2011 as a
boutique sample library developer mainly
focused on big orchestral instruments
but also lots of weird little things
that captured our attention our goal has
always been very DIY figured out creating
whatever we wanted and find a way to
share those things with other
like-minded people at the good you know
reasonable prices because we wanted
people to have unlimited options to feel
like they could get whatever sound they
were looking for to find the inspiration
they needed without feeling overwhelmed
by having to maintain these huge
templates of you know very expensive
tools we wanted to reach out to people
who are bands like we have been or who
are composers students masters everybody
just to open up windows and
opportunities musically and creatively
for people, we’re best known for our
Requiem light choir library our Olympus
acquire libraries apocalypse percussion
which is a big epic you know scoring drums
we have our vocal series which were well
known for the voices of rapture voices
of rage voices of Gaia
Mimi page darkness and light and a whole
kind of range of these specialty areas
covering a wide gamut from voices
requires two Hyperion strings and
upcoming brass series we’ve done
woodwinds and brass
with Native Instruments to the symphony
series projects we have our emotional
piano and if you can think of it we’d
probably done it or we’ll be doing it
we’re on the way right now this year
we’ve got the first thing coming up we
have the Alpha organ and this is a giant
pipe organ recorded at the st. Paul’s
Church in San Francisco where we
recorded Requiem light and a number of
our other libraries it has a big
blossoming reverberation that doesn’t
saturate the sound but rather carries it
you have a very present in a robust
organ sound but yet it doesn’t sound
grainy or gritty or dry we keep
the wind in the sound from the blower’s
but it’s just there kissing the
bottom of the sound so it’s it’s
natural it’s real it’s like being there
we covered all of the main stops with
some you know configurations but not
really to lay it out in a way where you
you’d have to no organs to know what you
were getting at we laid them out by
flavor by style by emotion and then
beyond those and the ability to choose
between the mic distances, we also have a
huge suite of sound design organ patches
that get more into kind of metaphysical
ideas and feelings and aesthetics that
mix in synthesis and the acoustics we
even play with different frequency kind
of spectrum stuff playing with so Fazio
tones and isochronic tones
and binaural beats kind of just tucked
in there to kind of explore differently
ways of connecting with the sound on a
more personal or kind of way can you say
psychological level because I mean I
think for us it’s now pushing new
frontiers of what sound means what
acoustics mean and how we can be
personally kind of like creative through
those deeper levels we don’t just want
an organ you want an organ with this
particular flavor in this particular
feeling at this time not every song is
the same and so we want options we want
feeling to come through that’s what
we’re doing right now it’s the organ
it’s going to be coming out for contact
player in just a couple of weeks we saw
we’ve also got the Hyperion brass
elements and micro additions coming up
soon which are chamber brass the full
suite of articulations just like our
harp and strings with all the main
elements you’ll need to do a full film
scoring but developed in a package
that’s easy to use easy to customize and
configure so you can play it right out
of the box or if you have a really
dialed in custom setup and key switch to
arrangement you like that is just your
way of doing things you can do it that
those are our two big you know
instruments coming up but we’ve got a
whole plan this year for some major
updates and expansions and new
instruments coming up rapid-fire we’re
growing and
thanks for checking us out
alright so this is an unreleased library
that we we haven’t released yet
it’s called alpha Oregon basically it’s
it’s kind of a different spin on organs
it’s sort of like an organ with a soul
you know ii mean so it’s like a lot of a
lot of really cool stuff with it this is
just kind of like the basic default when
you uh when you load up the library of
but there’s also a lot of really cool
stuff you could do this so if you want
to use this knob to increase the octave
you can get sort of that really you know
that big church organ kind of sound
sitting kind of so it’s doubling the
octave below and above so you got this
really thick
but then also if let’s say you want to
dig in even deeper you can open this
knob up and then you got filters you got
LFO you got an arpeggiator so let’s say
you just want to you know let the
arpeggiator create some stuff for you
can just kind of you know to hold it right
there and add a few notes in
you know and then you could change the
different staff so you can you know you
can create your own all kinds of cool
stuff filters and stuff to you so if you
want to if you’re messing with the
filter and you want to let’s say set it
up to where the source is the mod wheel
you can kind of and that’s just the base
except there’s a lot of different
sources and types that you can play with
LFO as well
some of the really cool things with this
library is there’s a lot of these
there’s three different ink guys that
come with it there’s the basic alpha
organ there is the layered one which you
can layer different organ sounds on top
of each other and this one is really
cool because down here there’s these
lower chakras and higher chakras so we
made some sound design different
ambiances sort of based off the
different moves of the different chakras
so when you’re using the model you’ll go
between the different one
so yeah so if you start with the mod
wheel at the very bottom and you just
kind of let it play you’ll hear it sort
of evolve and as you increase the mod
so it’s very evolving and then the
higher or the upper chakras is the same
kind of thing
so if you’re doing a lot of like
meditative music or just you know
underscore where you want it to be very
sort of moody you know you can just have
it evolves and stuff like that so it’s
really cool it’s just you know a
different take on the organ not
necessarily trying to you know we have
other organs that are very like
cathedral and churchy so this one is
kind of just like an organ you know with
a lot of spirits
Check out Soundiron | Check out Plugin Deals | Access 3.5 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | In this video, Soundiron gives us a sneak peak of their soon-to-released kontakt instrument called Alpha Organ at the NAMM Show 2020. #NAMM2020 #NAMMGuide #PluginBoutique

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