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2018 has been the best year of my life and a huge part of that has come from the community of In The Mix. I can hardly believe it but In The Mix has gained 130,000 subscribers in 1 Year!

I wanted to talk about my plans for 2019 and also share a few things I learned in 2018. . Please share your wisdom in the comment section down below!

I also want to give a special thanks to some amazing people who have helped me grow this community including:

Lucci – My wonderful partner and graphic designer/web developer/life consultant (All the thumbnails, graphics and my website wouldn’t exist without her)

Warren Huart – For his continued support and community at “Produce Like A Pro” and for his continued encouragement and mentoring.

Louis – For being the real mvp

I also want to thank the companies who have supported my giveaways including –
Audient, Akai pro, Beyerdynamic, Dynuaudio and Sontronics.

Join My Discord to chat with producers and give/get feedback –

▶Instagram: @michael.inthemix
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About In The Mix

In The Mix is all about simplifying the recording, production, mixing and mastering process and helping you unlock your creativity. No matter which DAW you use or what equipment you have, I’m determined to help you succeed. I try to share as much as I can about the industry and give an insight into the world of music production and the business behind it by showing you how to release and sell your music online.

Being an FL Studio Power User I also focus tutorials on getting the most out of FL Studio, My DAW of choice.

Micahel Wynne is a recording artist and mixing engineer with a passion for teaching (and instant ramen).
In 2015 I discovered my enthusiasm for music and audio; I learned how to record and produce songs in my university student room with a just cheap laptop and FL Studio. After several months of working in audio sessions between school assignments, I decided to leave uni with a 2-year engineering diploma to pursue a career in music. I wanted to learn everything I could about the industry and the artistic process, so I started making original music as half of the duo “Miavono”.

In late 2016 I began my journey on YouTube, sharing my knowledge and experiences with audio in the form of tutorials on “In The Mix”. I quickly grew a community of over 120,000 producers, artists, and audio professionals, a group of people whose passions aligned with mine. Last year I built my own home studio from the ground up in my back garden, set in the rural highlands of Scotland, and have since been supported by and involved with some of the greatest people in the industry.

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