How To Make LoFi Hip Hop – FL Studio Akai Fire

In this video I show you how to create lofi hip hop beats including the drum beat, chords, melodies and bass. I don’t cover sampling in this tutorial although sampling is a big part of hip hop, I will make a future video about this topic because it’s such a detailed thing.
Sampling can be used to form the chord progression, melodies, atmospheres and more but in this video I cover the basics including

Drums – 1:10
LoFi – 4:20
Chords – 4:55
Melody – 7:15
Bass – 10:50

Chill Lofi Hip Hop is really becoming popular these days because it’s usually very easy to listen to, it should be able to loop for a minute or two without being boring.
I forgot to mention that you don’t need to use a piano. Try using pads and guitars too. Anything goes as long as it has feeling and groove! As for which chords to use?Try basic Major and Minor chords and modify them with inversion, augmentations and suspensions such as Maj 7 chords….results may vary but when it’s good you will know :)

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