FL Studio 20 Shortcut Keys You Need To Know

This video shows some essential shortcuts keys in FL Studio 20.
All the shortcuts in this video are written below :)

F1 = Answers to any questions in the software
F5 = Playlist F6 = Channel Rack
F7 = Piano Roll F9 = Mixer
F12 = Close all F8 = Plugin Picker
Ctrl +F8 = Pattern Picker

P – Draw Tool B – Paint Tool
D – Delete C – Slice Tool
T – Mute
right click + C = cut and delete

Ctrl + Left click = Select
Ctrl + C = Copy Ctrl + V = Paste Ctrl + B = Paste after
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C = Render to audio

Middle click and drag to move
Ctrl + Scroll = horizontal zoom
Alt + Scroll = Vertical zoom

Track insert = Right click + i
Track group = Right click + g

Alt + L = Highlight which sample is sent to this channel
Ctrl + L = Send, name and colour track
Shift +scroll = Move track right or left
Alt + R = render
Alt +W = waveform view

Channel rack:

Shift and click = select multiple samples
Shift + Ctrl +Left or right arrow = Move steps right or left one beat

F4 = create new pattern

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