Mastering a track for Barry Fore – 4Ya (Nene Dasile Remix)


Everybody will hear soon from this golden boy…

The talented DJ/producer Nene Dasile has been spinning tracks for a short while now. Coming from a very musical family music has been his passion since he was a boy. In 2008 Nene had learned to spin the turntables from a friend. Nene was a fast learner and after only 3 months he already got his first gigs. The feedback that he received for his pumping sets were amazing. Without a doubt the crowd went crazy at his first gig.

New gigs started pooring and Nene found his way around in the bizz. Besides spinning the latest and hottest tunes he started producing right after his first gig. This includes remixes for Mitchell Niemeyer (Botox – Nene Dasile Remix) and some work together with Danny Freakazoid and Strobe (Fast Life).His remix for Barry Fore (4 Ya) got massive support across the world.

Nene plays everything from tech-house and techno, to electro, funky tribal and progressive. Now Nene Dasile is ready for the next big thing: Blowing your mind!