Mastered a track for – Franky Malloy – Rock Thiz


Frank Sloep, born in Amsterdam and grew up in Almere, had at a young age a lot of passion for music. When he was 10 years old he played the keyboard and had years of lessons playing it. When he turned 13 years old, he learned the DJ profession which caused that he was directly addicted to playing the vinyl. He saved money for his own turntables and mixing console and regularly played at parties.

Over the years he played, under different names, in the hard dance scene.
He also started to produce his own records which he played at parties and this tasted for more. At his 20th year he started his own record label with a friend to bring their own vinyl’s quickly on the market. Because of this the bookings came for bigger parties and festivals and performances in the Netherlands and foreign countries.

After these amazing years, in which he had built up considerable experience as a DJ and producer, he was ready for a new challenge.
Frank decided to turn into a different direction to produce house music and hereby created in 2010 “Franky Malloy”.
Together with Brian Bloom he started in 2011 a digital house label named “Bloom and Malloy Recordings” and the first releases under this new name were a fact.
With Timothy Cash he also started his own house label “1st Division Music Productions”.

Through his own record labels Franky Malloy tries to break new ground to make a name for him in the scene. So be prepared!!