Try Mastering The Mix plugins free: Youtube, Spotify, and other music streaming sites are now firmly established as the preferred method of music consumption for listeners. It’s important to understand how these sites deliver audio so you can give your listeners the best possible experience. Try This With Your Next Production. Each streaming platform has slightly different playback loudness levels, but they’re all in a similar ballpark. It’s possible to get great results across all streaming platforms using just one bounce.  Next time you’re preparing your final master for streaming platforms, try using LEVELS by mastering the mix to help you aim for these technical specifications:    ✓ Peaking around -0.75dBTP to -2dBTP. ✓ Loudness around -10LUFS to -16LUFS integrated (averaged over the entire song). ✓ Not louder than -9LUFS short-term at any point in the song (during the loudest section of your song). I’ve been giving this advice for several years and I can’t even count how many people have messaged me saying how great their songs are now sounding online. I hope you get the same positive result.

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