So you have an interest in mixing music, and you’re looking to avoid the pitfalls that swallow up lesser engineers. You’ve come to the right video. What follows are some of the biggest traps we’ve seen bedevil nascent engineers. Visit for more information and to download a trials of the products shown in the video! Gain staging article: TOC: 00:30 – Not having a clear idea of what you want to do 02:03 – Employing too much processing on a track 03:30 – Trying to turn a sound into something it isn’t 04:34 – Not paying attention to gain-staging 06:59 – Not paying attention to phase relationships 08:37 – Putting reverb on every track 10:18 – Working in solo for prolonged periods of time, and not paying attention to masking. 12:03 – Not paying attention to timing and tuning 12:42 – Adding tons of bass and treble 14:03 – Going for a mastered sound 15:19 – Outro #iZotope #Mixing #Neutron

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