So, I shouldn’t look straight into the camera, right?
I’m Pieter, I make music under the alias of Perquisite.
“Niemand In De Stad” is the debut feature film by director Michiel van Erp.
The film is about student life in Amsterdam, focusing on three friends in their early twenties…
…and their life experiences with love, girls, parties.
They all have some kind of difficulty in dealing with their respective fathers, and the movie focuses on that too.
I came up with the idea for the overall sound pretty quickly.
It needed a certain roughness but also warmth and urgency.
So I ended up with a mix of synths…
…with cello, piano and all kinds of DIY solutions.
I played every instrument myself, opting not to invite any session players this time.
For example I don’t play guitar myself.
So it was a challenge to do it this way, and also an approach to limit my possibilities…
…forcing myself to come up with alternative solutions.
For this movie, I worked in a loose, associative way.
During the creative process, I just followed my intuition…
… literally using items and instruments that were laying around in my studio.
Only in a later stage, I started asking myself: “So, what does actually work and what doesn’t?”
First, you see different shots of the fathers and their sons…
…and already this needs to convey a sense of threat, signaling something will go wrong in the future.
Right, I think I know what is missing.
In this scene, we see Matt losing it completely because he just found out that his father has died.
This is an important tipping point in the movie.
It still needs something organic, so I’m going to…
In the first part, I’m going to add a layered ominous cello part, without any real tonality…
…and in the second part, the cello will start following the harmony.
I think it’s a beautiful movie.
You can really feel that the director, Michiel, shot it in a documentary manner.
As a result, the viewer gets really close to the characters; it feels very realistic.
I think two of the main actors even grew up together, so they’re friends in real life as well.
It’s a mix of reality and fiction in a way, and that comes across really well.
It feels real.
Dutch music producer Perquisite composed the music for the new Dutch feature film ‘Niemand in de Stad’; a story about three young friends dealing with the difficulties of growing up, while being student in Amsterdam. In this short documentary, Perquisite talks about his writing and production approach and explains some of the unusual techniques he used to accomplish the beautiful, organic sounding movie score. ‘Niemand in de stad’ is the debut film of Michiel van Erp, based on the book by writer Philip Huff. In Dutch cinema’s October 4th. The Original Motion Picture Score by Perquisite will be released by Unexpected Records and will be available through all digital platforms as of September 21st 2018. See https://www.facebook.com/nidsdefilm FabFilter Software Instruments https://www.fabfilter.com/

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