How to Clean up and Manipulate a Sampled Kick Drum

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How to Clean up and Manipulate a Sampled Kick Drum


How to Clean up and Manipulate a Sampled Kick Drum

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Producer/Engineer David Glenn walks you can sample and clean up a kick drum from a stereo master.

Transcript Excerpt:

Hey, what’s up guys? My name is David Glenn for and, home of the free VIP mix training bundle. If you haven’t done so yet, go check out my website. Jump on the mailing list. You’re going to get two sets of multi-tracks, a couple of different video courses – free video courses – some impulse responses, and a ton of more content to hit your e-mail, just for signing up.

So if you haven’t done so, go check that out. The topic of this tutorial is how to pinch a kick, and may be somewhat controversial, so use at your own risk, but I’ve got a session here where I was mixing away, and I thought, “You know, I don’t really like the kick that I was given, and I really love the kick in the reference track.”So rather than go through my sample library and find something that’s close or similar and do my thing, I was like, “Why don’t I just pinch it?” So I went to the track, I stole the kick, and I’m going to show you how to clean it up a little bit so that it works better in your mixing.

Let me go ahead and I’ll play you a little snippet. I’m mixing this song for a buddy. I’m on a really tight time crunch, and actually it was due fifteen minutes ago, so I’m going to hurry up with this tutorial.

I’m going to play you a snippet with his original kick, and then I’ll show you my kick pinch.


Okay. Then now I’m going to play it with his kick, but then I’m going to switch to my kick pinch here.


Okay. To my ear, to my taste, way better. I think it fits the track excellent, so I’m rocking with that. Irregardless of if you like that or not, I’m going to show you the technique of what I did.
I’ve got this track that the client referenced. It’s called, “This is Living” from Hillsong Young and Free. It features Lecrae. All I did was I heard at the beginning they had these kicks kind of hanging out loose like so…

[song plays]

C’mon. That’s too easy, right?

So anyways, you could just Tab to Transient, copy that, create a new stereo track, drop down… What are we at here… And paste that bad boy. Kind of slide it over, make it bigger so we can look at it real close.

Let’s just hear that kick. Let’s route it correctly for the recording of this video, and let’s check this out.

[kick drum]

Okay. Snares are tougher, but with this kick, there’s a really easy thing that we can do to get that swelling, high frequency, synth-y transitional effect – whatever you want to call it – out of the way.

So, we’ve got the right amount of low end, we’ve got a really great transient here, and it fits the song, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to first add just a little bit of a fade, and then I’m going to zoom in and I’m going to click just behind the transient of the kick. Just behind the attack, and I’m going to select from there, right?Well, then I’m going to go in Pro Tools to my Audio Suite, and forgive me, this may be different depending upon your DAW. I’m not sure of the process for you other guys, but Pro Tools we have Audio Suite, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Then I’m going to come over here, I’m going to delete that band, and all I want it a high-cut, low-pass filter. I’m going to go to like, 100, 150… Somewhere in there. Maybe tighten up that Q a little bit, and I’m just going to process this. Okay.

Now, we’ve got two separate clips, so I’m going to go in and add a fade. Something like that. Nice, tight fade. Now, let’s take a listen.

[kick drum before and after]

So, high passing you get to hold on to the sustain of the kick and you get to have all of the extra love that comes with that.

Without doing that trick, you’d have to cut the kick and fade it out, and it’d be a little bit chopped and weird, but anyways, so now what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to consolidate that. Then I’ll give it a name. We’ll call it HS Kik Pinch. Kick without the “c.”

I’ve already done this, but anyways, I’m going to rename it, then what I’d do in Pro Tools is Command+Shift+K, I’ll export that to the folder. I’ll go ahead and show you where I put it. I’ve got my Trigger 2 folder with all my different sample libraries. Shout out to the guys at That Sound. I’ve got all of their stuff.

Then I’ve got a folder here called DGR pinches. So I go in there and there’s that kick. HS Kik Pinch.

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How to Clean up and Manipulate a Sampled Kick Drum

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How to Clean up and Manipulate a Sampled Kick Drum

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