Drum Automation Masterclass with David Glenn

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Drum Automation Masterclass with David Glenn


Drum Automation Masterclass with David Glenn

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Mixes that sit still are boring. Drums within mixes that sit still are even worse. In this video, Producer/Engineer David Glenn walks you through his process for creating excitement and adding dynamics to a set of programmed drums.

Transcript Excerpt:

Hey, what’s up, guys? David Glenn for theproaudiofiles.com and davidglennrecording.com, home of the free VIP mix training bundle. If you haven’t done so, go check out davidglennrecording.com and get on the list. You’re going to get instant downloads of two free sets of multi-tracks. You can mix these, practice your mixing, use them on your resume. You just can’t sell them.

You’ve got a couple – not even a couple, a bunch of impulse responses that come with it. Some free video training tutorial stuff, and then it gets you on the list for a whole slew of free content that will be coming your way.

But in today’s video, we’re going to be taking a look at an overview of some drum automation on a track I’m mixing. It’s called “Won’t Stop Believing.” It’s from a super talented producer friend of mine, Victor Encarnacion. He’s working with a church out of Chicago, I believe it’s called Marinatha church in Chicago.

Forgive me if I said that incorrectly, but I just kind of want to walk through, because we talk about mixing kick drums, mixing snares, mixing with parallel compression, and the drum crush, and all of this kind of stuff that we’ve got going on with the drum tutorials. I mean, it’s endless what you can search for and find.

I haven’t seen too many about drum automation, so I figured I’d kick it off, do some drum automation tutorials, and kind of walk you through this.

So anyways, first up, I want to take a look at the kick. Now these drums are programmed drums. My buddy Vic, he’s a big Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate user, and so I think he used Modern Drummer in this song, and they sounded okay, but I did make the decision to replace the kick, and I replaced the snare with beautiful samples from our friends over at That Sound. You can check out iwantthatsound.com. Best drum samples in the business.

Pulling those in with Trigger. Still, with replacing the drums, I still felt like it needed a little bit more movement. Even if you’ve got live kick and live snare, and the drummer played awesome dynamics and he’s got the builds going on, it still can help to have some automation. Especially once we get in compressing and doing our thing.

So, here’s a look at this kick drum without the automation. Let me turn it off. I guess I could play some of the song for you guys, that would be beneficial. Here’s a little snippet.

[mix playback]

Okay, so we’ll look at another section here in a minute, but you can see this kick, without the automation – come over here and turn it off – you’ll just see the stale, steady placement of this kick drum. Here it is.

[kick drum]

Okay. Pretty boring, right? So, let’s throw the automation back in while in solo.

[kick drum with automation]

Okay. It’s a little crunchy right there, but I like it. It sounds good. Actually, it’s programmed drums, so it’s really easy to go in – I created a kick/snare flam. I’m going to show you that.

And the snare is doing the same thing. It’s kind of got the build.

Now, the snare originally came to me with it in playing that whole section there, but I made a creative decision to not let it build the same with the kick, and I let it come in half way through. It’s kind of a glitch gone good. The trigger didn’t catch the snares here, because I didn’t lift them up, but I actually liked what it did. Let me play that for you, you can hear.


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Drum Automation Masterclass with David Glenn

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Drum Automation Masterclass with David Glenn

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