FL Studio Template – Indie – Nu Disco by FLP MusicProd www.wemakedancemusic.com

Download Project File: https://www.wemakedancemusic.com/nu-disco-fl-studio

Plugins Used
Sylenth 1

This is a Nu Disco FL Studio template made by FLP_MusicProd. Studying this project file will give you a great knowledge about the processing of individual channels and mixing Nu Disco in FL Studio, through the use of EQ, compression, delay, reverbs, layering & more. This template comes loaded up with full arrangement (as heard in the audio demo), mixing, FX chains, MIDI data and automation. It also comes loaded with all the samples and synth presets, so you’ll get what you hear in the demo (if you have these synths & plugins). USAGE & COPYRIGHTS : The melody is originally write by FLP_MusicProd and you’re alowed to use it in your own tracks. Feel free to use any synth & effect sounds, presets, settings in your own production.
Product Specs
The FL Studio template as heard in the demo
All MIDI and Audio channels with FX chains and mixing included
All the Audio files included
All the Synthesizer presets included
Audio Clips: 121
MIDI Clips: 25
Automation Clips: 9
File Size: 40.1 MB

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