Wide Angle Recordings

Here on the Wide Angle Recordings page you will find all the information you need to submit your mastered demo track quickly.

Wide Angle Recordings will accept song demo’s in the Progressive House, Techno, Electronica, Tech House music genre at the moment.

So please check carefully if you demo do fit the genre(s) where Wide Angle Recordings is active.

Wide Angle Recordings - Progressive House
Genre(s) : Progressive House, Techno, Electronica, Tech House
Country : Canada
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/wideanglerecordings
Website : http://www.wideanglerecordings.com/

Want to submit your track to Wide Angle Recordings?

Before sending your demo to Wide Angle Recordings get it professionaly mastered here
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wideanglerecordings/

About Wide Angle Recordings

Wide Angle Recordings is a Canadian record label that focuses on quality electronic music with heart. The label specializes in melodic techno and progressive house that is consistently fresh and undeniably original. Founded in 2007 by DJ and producer Blake Sutherland, Wide Angle Recordings serves as an outlet for versatile dance music that transcends dancefloors and morning commutes. It is the background to your workday and the soundtrack to your night. The label’s impressive catalog features music from artists who are on the cutting edge of the industry, including Dual Shaman, Mattheis, Lanny May, Max Cooper, Jesse Somfay, Mateo Murphy, PHM, and Afrojack. Wide Angle Recordings’ music can be found on countless compilations worldwide and in the sets Nick Warren, Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Stephan Bodzin, Tommy Four Seven, and many others. The label and Blake Sutherland are also host to the long standing Cityscape Sessions podcast, which showcases the very best in progressive house and melodic techno from around the world. Regular guests on the show include Ryan Davis, Microtrauma, Dual Shaman, Groj, Jesse Somfay, and more. With a fresh outlook and a roster of inspiring, talented artists, the label is set for another impressive year of forward-thinking, original dance music.

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