Vengeance Producer Suite – Avenger 1.3.5 update – new features

The update is being released very soon. If someone want to beta test the new 1.3.5 Version, please just mail to [email protected] to get the links. Please also report problems / bugs to that adress. PS: You need to own an Avenger license of course

Here is the changelog:

– added new function for DRUM-SQ: “REVERSE SAMPLE”. You can access it in the ROLL-MODE context. That will playback the sample reverse. The tempo anchor point is the Step next to, where the arrow will point at
– added Shape for a MOD entry / slot in the MOD MATRIX. With that function you can additionaly shape the modulation value before if modifies the target.
– added new LFO Parameter: “Synced Mod.” When this is turned on, rate changes via modulation will be synced to your Song BPM, meant it will switch the Rate only at full cycle values to stay in sync. So a 32th to 8th wobble will always sound tight in your mix.
– added “CLEAR” button to DrumSQ. Clears all notes
– added UNDO for preset load. If you accidentially load a preset, you can un-do this.
– added COPY/PASTE for FX settings, now you can copy FX specific settings from one instance of an insert FX to another instance
– added ENDLESS BASS Mode playing the octaves from the ARP. Endless Bass Mode also only takes 1/1 voice now in the Voices page / global voice limit.
– added ARP shuffle is now working correct on pattern lenghts that are not related to 4/4 ( esp. odd pattern lengths, i.e. length 9 or length 7)
– added KEYTRACK to insert FX: Filter. Good if you want to use the new Comb filter for example on the master sum or an effect bus.
– added visual feedback for inner dials (i.e. OSC PAN, Noise color etc…)
– added visual feedback for the OSC’s HP/LP Filter bar
– added phase-lock for OSC Noise, very handy for static attack-noises (Drum sound design)
– added OSC-endless bass mode as mod target
– added: quick assign drum slots to aux or specific FX bus. Now you can route all AUX Outputs with 1 click
– changed: loading a ModEnv preset does not chagne the trigger-mode anymore
– changed: preset search added VARIOUS folder to author context where authors with less than 10 presets are listed
– fixed issue with solo-ed sample stacker after loading a new sample to a stacker slot where all slots were audible again
– fixed DrumSQ. leftClick + CNTRL to move the event free from the bpm-grid. Was working before but the note had to be selected first – now its easier to use. Great for Humanized Drum patterns
– fixed drum kit route gain-slider
– fixed a issue in AAX format where not all AUX outputs were processed correct.
– fixed an issue with resample/wavetable beat selector which was working only for OSC1
– fixed wandering crossFM attack sound
– fixed StepSQ clicks in stereo mode when stereo width is not 100%
– fixed an issue where granular-env position-dot did display the position of OSC1 even if OSC2 was selected
– fixed an issue where custom-samples was not stored correct in the sample-stacker
– fixed an issue with insert FX Filter “inertia”. Now the insert FX: Filter is much faster for modulations.
– fixed an issue with Arp clock mode “first note” and play with multiple patterns where the arp did start at pattern A but B should have been already reached.
– fixed an issue in the mod matrix. modulating the strength of an slot using a per-voice-source where the target of the modulated slot is not per-voice
– fixed: changing StepSQ state and stepSQ module on multiple-selected drumSlots does not work
– fixed: mod-matrix slot strength modulation “bar” showed wrong value if mod add was used to modulate the strength
– fixed: granular-envelope speed mode wsa not saved/loaded correct
– fixed: crash when removing ARP1 after ARP2 was created.
– fixed a scrolling issue, when adding a new target/source to a quite full modmatrix
– fixed retriggering voices on chorder on/off and active legato
– VMAN: fixed: expansion not visible after downloading and importing it via VMAN
– VMAN: fixed: wrong folder for VMAN bitmap cache on MAC OS
– tons of minor bugfixes and imporovements
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