Zenhiser brings you this new library called Psytrance for Serum 2

Psytrance for Serum 2

The Psytrance signature sound has latest the test of time, holding it’s own for decades. This Zenhiser preset collection envelops not only the classic sound of today but an injection of frenzied sounds entirely produced to supercharge your productions with new sounding tools for optimum creativity. By utilising a synth as powerful as Xfer Serum the flexibility of sonic sculpture is nearly endless, 151 Psytrance presets including snappy bass sounds, innovative synth, syncopated bpm lines and experimental FX are testament to that. Revolving around this powerful collection is core access to a rich world of auditory pleasure ready at your fingertips to be used and manipulated through boundless potential. Showcasing the raw impact of these beauties, a selection of audio Psytrance stems with accompanying Midi has been included boosting this pack as a breathtaking package of producer design.“Psytrance For Serum 2” is our second installation for one of the finest synths for Psytrance producers. Drawing influences from some of the biggest names in the Psy industry, this preset collection delves deeper and further into the psychedelic psyche. Combined with the original preset collection this combination turns Xfer’s Serum synth into the most experimental, auditory spectacular library of Psy sounds ever conceived.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Psy Trance
Please note you’ll need Xfer Serum synth for these presets to work.
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Download today and rev up your potential as a Psytrance producer, this is one pack you’re going to need.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Synths

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Psytrance for Serum 2