Zenhiser brings you this new library called Futuristic Percussion

Futuristic Percussion

300 in depth drum sounds that twist, warp and punch their way through frequencies and tones you simply haven’t heard before. ‘Futuristic Percussion’ delivers an incredible array of futuristic drum sounds plus hits that suit so many genres and styles we don’t knowwhere to begin. House producer then yes this for you, Trance producer then yes this is definitely for you, Psytrance, Electro House, Glitch, Trap or Techno producer then yes this is the sample pack for you too!Sometimes standard drum sounds just won’t cut it, you’re seeking something alternative, fresh and futuristic. Here at Zenhiser we feel your pain and had to do something to soothe those yearnings so, with that in mind we created ‘Futuristic Percussion’ the alternative drum kit to fill the experimental void.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Percussion

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We chose to select the essential styles for this pack where we felt there was a gap in the market, this meant dedicating ‘Futuristic Percussion’ on five key elements, Cymbals, FX Percussion, Standard Percussion (if you can call anything in this pack standard), Kicks & Snares. Each element contains 24bit 44.1 khz wav samples that will translate and rip through any drum track, we had a play in the preview to show you what you can do in minutes but the options with this drum kit are simply endless.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are EDM, House, Instruments, Techno, and Trance

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Futuristic Percussion