Samplestar brings you this new library called Deep Urban Vibes

Deep Urban Vibes

Capture a deep, pure & authentic vibe with this stunning collection of melodic urban electronica.Samplestar proudly presents Deep Urban Vibes!

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Future Bass
Drop fresh new content directly into your projects or chop and splice for creative inspiration & ideas.
If you are producing Future Bass, here you can find also more Future Bass presets and/or sample packs

Raw sub basslines meet with lush liquid chord progressions to deliver an outstanding arsenal of sounds essential for any urban inspired producers.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are
We have also included midi files for all melodic content giving the end producer 100% control to change tempo, velocity or key and also customize the loops to your own exact requirements.

All content has been perfectly mixed and eq’d for optimum sonic balance while allowing plenty of extra headroom for further processing and also final mastering stages.

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Deep Urban Vibes