Sample Magic brings you this new library called SM White Label: Glitched Beats

SM White Label: Glitched Beats

For complete control of all the elements contained in this pack, we have included 2 Ableton Sampler Racks – dive even deeper into this collection with macro assigned features and fx-laced chains for top-notch creative control. All elements of this pack were sculpted for maximum character, width and punch for unparalleled quality. The Glitched Beats racks are ready to get you inspired on your next production.Fusing the leftfield sound of downtempo, trip hop, LA Beat and IDM; Glitched Beats delivers 600MB+ of futuristic rhythms, wavetable bass, abstract elements and glitched textures. Including an assortment of WAV, MIDI, Massive Presets, Ableton Racks and DAW session files, Glitched Beats is produced using cutting-edge sound design software and processing to give instant, top quality inspiration-starters

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Downtempo
Bass and Chord Ableton Racks:
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Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are
Bass / Chord Select – Dial between 29 different one-shots from brooding basses to crystal chords.

Engine Tools:

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Filter – A 24-dB low pass filter run through the OSR circuit. Use this to craft your sound and roll off unwanted high frequencies.

Intensity – Turn this up to add warmth, width and pluck in one simple control.

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SM White Label: Glitched Beats