Riemann Kollektion brings you this new library called Techno Kick Drums 5

Techno Kick Drums 5

The 50 Kick Drum Loops are sonically in perfect balance so they usually sit in the mix instantly within their frequency domain which is a strong and tight low end around 30hz and dynamic kicking bass at around 100hz plus high definition transients which cut through the mix up to the highest frequency ranges.This is the 5th issue of the highly demanded Riemann Techno Kick drums, which is a unique collection of 50 kick drum loops (mostly 128bpm) & 50 single (one shot) kick drums for rough, analog sounding underground Techno, inspired by the early 90s producers like Jeff Mills, Ben Sims or Ben Klock.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Techno
Additionally, we have provided 5 top notch Techno Top-Loops so you instantly have a strong top end going, it’s really nice to build from there.
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The 50 One Shot Kick Drums are perfect for analog samplers like Akai, Elektron or Modular Samplers like PICO Drums as well as for all digital samplers in Ableton or Maschine.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Drums

Painstakingly crafted from scratch on analog hardware, mainly Eurorack Modular Systems, Riemann’s Kick Drums are shaped to work on large horn sound systems like Funktion One or VOID with maximum impact.

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Techno Kick Drums 5