ModeAudio brings you this new library called Strata – Serum Ambient Presets

Strata - Serum Ambient Presets

Peer inside this chemistry set of synth magic and you’ll find 50 richly layered, royalty-free .fxp presets, designed from the ground up for use in your copy of Xfer Records‘ stunning Serum soft synth.‘Strata – Serum Ambient Presets’ seeps gracefully from the ModeAudio studio, running into pools of deftly programmed sound that will soak and saturate your productions in dense atmosphere and hypnotic texture.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Downtempo
From the deep and powerful to the bright and evolving, this library spans quaking basses, unfurling pads, crystalline leads, ecstatic SFX and beyond – a seamless fit for genres as diverse as Techno, Synthwave and Ambient soundtrack work.
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We’ve built this shimmering sound palette from 48 custom-sampled wavetables, ranging from the warmth of warbling analog synth waveforms to kinetic flashes of noise and even propulsive percussion samples.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Chillout and Synths
All 4 macro controls are pre-assigned for maximum flexibility and the patches themselves are accompanied by 50 fully-editable, key and tempo-labelled MIDI patterns, each one designed to demonstrate the full capacity of its parent preset.

Each preset has been carefully constructed to make full use of Serum’s celebrated synthesis capabilities, producing a satisfyingly immersive set of synth textures that casually drift and hover with the gentle flicker of an LFO, or glide outwards with the subtle phasing of detuned oscillators.

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Strata – Serum Ambient Presets