Loopmasters brings you this new library called VIBES Vol 6 – Rock & Roll Anthology

VIBES Vol 6 - Rock & Roll Anthology

Rock n Roll is a genre which developed in the 1950s off the back of rhythm and blues, the advent of electronically amplified instruments and the production of the 45RPM vinyl record. Artists like Fats Domino, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry influenced a huge number of bands, using the electric guitar as the lead sound and creating a more driving and aggressive sound to their music. Rock and Roll created sounds and a huge number of scenes throughout its development – influencing cultural movements and dance styles too. And so Rock n Roll was born and has never died!Loopmasters present the sixth instalment of the VIBES series, as we transport you back to the heralded sounds of 1950 Rock n Roll and its development into the 1960s – with 100% royalty free content to inspire your tracks and enrich your sound.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Rock
Every element has been hand crafted for stunning authenticity using vintage Vox, Ludwig, Fender, Marshall gear and more – to deliver the most accurate replication of Rock n Roll possible without the use of time travel! You’ll find sterling sounds with subtle distortions and harmonic overtones aplenty, to evoke rocking memories of this past epoch.
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Rock n Roll comes with over 1 Gb of stunning wav loops, featuring the wondrous sounds of electric guitar, double bass, live drums, pianos, saxophone and frame guitar to deliver that authentic Rock n Roll to your music. Delivered as 15 full tracks, we give you the freedom to mix things up with track influenced by a range of styles within the genre, and mix up to customise in your own music.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Live Music and Vibes Series
In detail expect to find 1.17 GB of content with 140 individual WAV files at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. With 58 Electric Guitar Loops, 27 Double Bass loops, 26 live Drum Loops, 15 Piano Loops, 11 Sax Loops and 3 Frame Guitar Loops – accompanied by 308 Rex2 Files.

From 65 to 180 BPM you’ll find these sounds suit your music in Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk and any other genre in need of some good vibrations.

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The VIBES Series is a brand new sample collection by Loopmasters that takes inspiration from exceptional moments in musical history, drawing from both live music and classic recordings that changed the face of music forever. Each edition in the collection will offer full multi-tracked construction kits which have been designed to give today’s computer bound producers the chance to sample the pure essence and vibes of well-loved era. Whether you just slice up the drums or sample the bass line or take the whole groove to filter and drop in your production one thing is for sure its gonna have VIBES!

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VIBES Vol 6 – Rock & Roll Anthology