CAPSUN ProAudio brings you this new library called Crayons – Melodic Hip-Hop Colouring Kit 1

Crayons - Melodic Hip-Hop Colouring Kit 1

We created full song concepts with live instrumentation, analogue synths and emulations, old toy synths, pianos, foley, percussion, ambience and layering. These songs were then re-sampled, as if from vinyl, and we went all in with re-processing. Lo-fi grit, bit-crush, VHS, cassette, lush delays, re-pitching, dust and crackle. Saturation, thick distortion and special sauce. Discover dusty chops, warped keys, thick pads, classic hip-hop MPC style chops and vintage fire. All 100% royalty free and guaranteed inspiration!We return with future vibes built on classic foundations. Crayons – Melodic Hip-Hop Colouring Kit 1 features a rich selection of lo-fi melodic loops and textured one shots. Dripping in colour, warmth and unique character. Chop, mangle and re-sample our original compositions or lace the layers into your beat. Designed for contemporary hip-hop, rap and lo-fi beats.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Hip-Hop
In detail you’ll find:
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We also added a bonus selection of ‘Extra Sounds’ including all new kicks & snare drums, percussion loops, 808s, vocal stabs and evolving riser fx that we designed during the creation process. Essential building blocks to layer and spark an idea and built to complement the aesthetics of the melodic loops and hits.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are

Please Note: This is a melodic loops and melodic one shots pack with some bonus sounds. Additional drums & vocal samples contained within this demo song are taken from other CAPSUN ProAudio products.

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Crayons – Melodic Hip-Hop Colouring Kit 1