This is a walkthrough, of VPS Avenger Expansion Pack: Italo Disco 1, showing some sounds and sequences of this wonderful expansion pack Welcome to a very special decade of dance music: “Italo Disco 1” is here! Born in the 80s but its influence is important until today. Danceable “4 on the floor” beats paired with powerful analog and digital sounds, tight drum machines and wonderful melodic compositions – thats “Italo Disco”! Manuel Schleis and Marcel Susenburger teamed up in this extensive expansion pack with some additional sound design from genre specialist Espen Kraft. All of the 129 contained multisamples have been painstakingly created on real 80s hardware gear, perfectly looped and remastered so you also get kind of a time capsule of the greatest synths of that era. Dont miss this exceedingly great expansion pack for your Avenger! Attention: VPS Avenger version 1.6.2 minimum required! this expansion adds to your library: 129 Avenger presets 16 new drumkits & sequences 67 new arp patterns 129 new multisamples 81 new osc-shapes 88 new wavetables get this XP at visit Barteks Channel:

The Vengeance Producer Suite – Avenger Walkthrough Italo Disco by Bartek MEJK video was embedded from Youtube channel “”. Video source

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About Vengeance Sound

The producer and mastermind behind Vengeance-Sound is Manuel Schleis. Reaching an early interest in electronic music (C-64, Amiga Series), I finally reached Cubase as a quiet journey. His full-fledged professional studio is equipped with all the gear you might want for an impressive sound design. This includes a Nexus 3 Expansion Pack – ROM+ Extension 2, which he picked up on Access Music’s website at some point. Starting from there, it’s been impossible to count the amount of work he did on many synthesizers, whether they were hardware or software for well-known companies like Roland, Waldorf, Propellerhead or reFX. Now it is time to rest – the Vengeance Sample Series were up: together with his friend and colleague Manuel Reuter (Cascada) he delivers top-notch dance sounds and so much more to the EDM producers, next to a mastering service, the development of the ROM synthesizer “Nexus”. In addition to his day job, he is also a well-known producer with a long list of remixes and original releases for the most famous labels. Last but not least, he also occasionally works as a tutor for modern dance production techniques (for instance Roland Synth2Sound Tour, SAE Conference & Exhibition and Frankfurt Musikmesse).