Tips for Mixing Low End with Kicks, Synths and Sub Bass

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A video on mixing and managing multiple low end elements in a mix including kick drum, synth pads and sub bass.

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Transcript Excerpt:

In today’s video, I want to show you how to manage your low end. Now, I’m not going to talk about getting an incredible kick sound with tons of sub or bass or whatever. I am going to however talk about getting a sub heavy kick, a sub heavy bass, some pads with some sub, I got a sonic boom with some sub, and a choir pad sound that sounds really cool with some sub all to get to work together well in the same song – the same mix. We’re going to do that by arranging our low end.

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I actually started leaving up the previous month files, so you can actually download the August files – the multi-tracks for that, the start to finish videos, the coaching call, all of the files that come with that in addition to the current month’s bonus of three songs.

All of them can be mixed for your resume, and then even more than that, I give a free bonus course if you sign up. It’s just $27 a month and you can cancel anytime. So effectively, you could go on, sign up today, join, get last months, this months, all of the bonuses, e-mail me, get a bonus course, and then cancel and have all of that for just $27.

It’s maddening, but I wish you would take advantage of it, because it’s insane. I wish I would’ve had something like that when I was first learning.

So anyways, that aside, let’s dive into the tutorial today. So like I said, I have a kick – I like a lot of sub in my kick. I like a lot of sub in my bass. I’ve got this sonic boom here that has a lot of sub, and then I have these two sounds down here that we’re going to talk about, and there’s a pad. I’m going to show you first the pad choir sound. Let’s check that out in solo.

[pad plays]

Cool. Then we have a pad here.

[pad plays]

You can feel the warm sub in the sides. I’ve done some mid/side EQ.

Then if I come up here and show off the sonic boom – and actually I was messing around before I went live with this. I’m going to back that off a little bit.

Here’s some of the sub from this guy.


Okay. So there’s some subs in there, and then we’ve got the kick.

[kick drum]

Tight subs, but they’re there. And the bass guitar, I do multi-band treatment here. I’ll show off. Let’s come down here and show this section.

[bass guitar]

And because I gave a shout about The Mix Academy, let me show you a more interesting part of the song.


Cool. As much as Pro Tools will let me before a glitch. Some guys, I get e-mail all the time. “Hey, is your system – I see you run a lot of plug-ins etc.”

The only time I have problems is when I run a full mix that’s been done and then do a tutorial off of that. So glitches don’t come when I’m mixing, just when I’m doing the video at the same time.

Okay. So managing the low end. I’ve got kick and bass being side-chained. The kick is pushing down the subs and the bass. I’ve talked about that a ton on the blog. Videos are out there on how to side-chain your kick and bass, and I like the subs to dominate in the kick to push them down in the bass. You can see that really, really quickly. I send the kick into the bass.

Pro-MB from FabFilter, can’t beat it. Push the subs down a little bit there, Waves Factory Track Spacer works for that as well. What I did with the Waves Factory Track Spacer is I used that and committed the processing for the sonic boom. When the sonic boom comes in, the initial transient – the impact of the subs pushes down the kick, it pushes down the bass a little bit, and it dominates for that instant that it hits, and then it sustains and it sounds nice and full.

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